4 thoughts on “**CUSTOMER REVIEWS**

  1. Blair M says:

    Cuttings we’re well rooted and all arrived alive. I’ll be back for sure! Thanks guys!

  2. William J says:

    First time grower and everything lived last year, will be buying again this year. Thanks, William

  3. mccolmchad says:

    Wanted to say thank you to onlineclones.ca . You guys are great and I received my Clones alive and all are doing well. I bought them a couple months early because I got messed around last year by another web site that made promises and they all fell through. Your clones are the best and my buddys all told me to buy them through online clones. Thanks again for the great plants you guys are the best for getting the latest and greatest clones on the web.

  4. Gilles L says:

    After many years of growing I still learn as I experienced the worse growroom disaster I’ve ever seen. Something strait out of a nightmare were you loose 95 percent of your crop to psychotoxosis due to the use of a insecticide.

    Having said that Online Clones has allowed me to fast track a recovery while changing my growroom genetics. The shipping was well done and the plants arrived alive and in very good shape. A bit of leaf narcosis likely from shipping but overall the genetics are stable and so are the clones.

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