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Canada's #1 Mail Order Clones

Online Clones is Canada’s #1 mail order marijuana clones. Our clones are picked from years of the best organically grown cannabis strains.

Only the best clones are cut from our finest genetics. Your clone will be shipped to you in a securely contained plant package to prevent any damage. You can be assured we take extra care in protecting your next project. Buying a multiple clone package is a great deal because of the cost of the shipping containers. Save your wallet and the planet, buy in bulk!

How do I grow cannabis clones? If this your first time growing marijuana, good news, we just saved you a lot of time. Our clones are ready to be planted into any pot or ground and just add water. pH balancing, lighting, and atmosphere all help with increasing your yield. We have plenty of growing tips and tricks to help get you started. Our clones are the best and will simply grow in water with good lighting conditions. We take pride in the strength of our clones so you can grow something to be proud of.